Spring Storms & Self Love

Just A Normal Spring Day…

On my way to church, I noticed the sky was kind of grey (or is it gray?). I didn’t think anything of it because, well, I live in Northeast Indiana. And it’s spring time. And this spring day was a bit warmer than usual, especially given how cold it was in January.

After worship, a good sermon, and a good 15 minutes of chatting with a few friends & family members, I was finally on my way home. And I had beaten the crowd out. Oh, haha!, wait… no, I was one of the last people out.

Being one of the last out of church meant I didn’t have to contend with traffic on a county road & could stop to take a beautiful picture of the ominous clouds in the not-so-far distance. Ignore my dirty windshield. 

Isn’t that just beautiful? Still rather unnerving, but it sure is pretty to look at in a photograph.

On this particular Sunday, my family and I were not due to go to my husband’s Grandpa’s for lunch, per our usual arrangement. (Think of this arrangement like a Gilmore Girls situation. Kind of.)

Because of this, I decided I’d stop off to the grocery store on the way home to grab some rotisserie chicken and sides. While I was there,  I sort of had to walk right through the floral department since the neighboring produce section was out-of-control busy.


Change of Perspective

And there I saw them. A bundle of beautiful, multi-colored roses. I felt an overwhelming urge to purchase them. No explanation for exactly why. I just did. My husband doesn’t buy me flowers often. I think he’s afraid he’ll get the wrong ones and kill me with the pollens. But really, I’m only allergic to lilies and lavender. And I won’t die, I’ll just not be able to breathe well or see, no big deal. (Kidding. That was sarcasm. I know allergies are serious. Chill.)

Maybe I felt the urge to buy them because the last few months have been rough. Maybe I wanted to send a subtle hint to my husband that I wouldn’t mind having flowers every once-and-a-while. I don’t know. But I bought them. And I didn’t forget the rotisserie chicken and sides for my family.

That small purchase of grocery store roses changed my perspective a little. I felt a little lighter, a little more joyful, and a lot more prepared for what I was walking into when I got home. 

Seriously, aren’t these roses gorgeous?! 

I actually couldn’t believe my husband didn’t say anything about the roses when I brought them in the door, but it wouldn’t have bothered me if he did. I need to learn to love myself more.

There’s something that happens to some women, myself included, that changes when they become a wife and a mom.

We spend so much time putting everyone else above ourselves we forget that we deserve love, care, & little gifts of appreciation sometimes, too. And everyone around us becomes complacent. They don’t see the sacrifices we’ve made for them. They only grow to expect you’ll take care of everything.

But, Mama, we all deserve a little bit of love. If that means we need to buy ourselves roses so we can take a second to smell them, whether literally or figuratively, or to take a walk for a bit of quiet, do it. We can’t pour from an empty cup.

I’ve learned I sometimes have to fill my own cup with self-love. And sometimes that means buying myself roses on a stormy day.

How do you show yourself self-love? I’d love to hear!

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