About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting Life Throws Lemons.

My name is Amanda, but most of my friends call me Queenie. I’m a Child of God. I’m a crafter. I’m a novice designer. I’m always in a constant state of educating myself about something. I’m a story teller. And I’m a writer at heart, which is part of why I wanted to start my own blog. I want to share my (mis)adventures of life, whether it’s parenting woes, overcoming obstacles, dealing with difficult people or problems, learning new skills and/or products (or learning that I’m just not that great at any of it…), or whatever else comes along my path. I want to write it all out from a humorous and surprisingly sweet perspective. (I promise to try to keep it entertaining!)

You may be wondering, “Why ‘Life Throws Lemons’ as your blog name? Well, as the saying goes, “When life throws you lemons, make lemonade!” However, I believe that every single person experiences a lemon being thrown at them at least a few times in life. It’s what we do with those lemons that is the important part. Do you let yourself become immersed in the sourness, or do you add sugar (and maybe some tequila & ice) to make the lemon tolerable (or delicious!) to digest?

I prefer the latter. I choose to look at the sweet side of life, even when sour things come my way. It’s more digestible that way– and it’s certainly more enjoyable for you and everyone in your village. I find that looking at every situation & finding the silver lining also keeps me in a peaceful place. It also makes those lemons a lot less sour.

I hope you enjoy reading & following along while I walk the path of life, taking each lemon as it comes and making something sweet out of it.

I’d love to hear from you… Fill this out!