3 BIG Things I Learned in 2017

The year is finally coming to an end. 2017 has been particularly hard on my family. It’s a year that I’ll probably look back on later & realize I’ve grown a lot in just 12 months. And it was a year of clarity for me as a person. (Not something I’m going to delve into quite yet.)

A little back history:
  • We entered the year not knowing just how long my Grandma was going to be with us. She’s still kickin’ and making it known she’s here, thankfully.
  • My son, Jface McGillicuddy (his nickname… no idea. Just roll with it), was placed into long-term behavioral care for 90 days in March.
  • July brought an unexpected heartbreak for me (that clarifying moment) and struggle for my girls. My son was suspended for a semester 8 days after school started (yes… eight).
  • I suffered a pretty severe concussion two weeks later & found out I have a pretty significant medical condition that  will eventually require surgery.
  • Just two weeks before Christmas, my Jeep decided it needed a new electronic throttle control. (I honestly don’t even really know what that is…)
  • Three days after Christmas, another more private matter happened in the family, but somehow, I’m not involved in that mess. I’m grateful for that, really.
Cue what I’ve learned:
  1. It really does take a village to raise a child or care for a parent or grandparent. I’m ever so grateful for my family and those who became my village in caring for my family. God knew exactly who needed to enter & who needed to go.
  2. I can’t be concerned with what others feel, think, or say about meI just need to be me. It’s not my business, and those who are running their mouths (or their fingers on the keyboard) will eventually hang themselves with their words because my words and actions prove otherwise.
  3. It’s ‘ok’ to rest. I got so caught up with all the ‘lemons’ being thrown at me (see what I did there?), that I felt like a hamster in a wheel. I was definitely moving. I was definitely staying busy. But I wasn’t as productive as I could have been if I would have just jumped off the wheel & rested more often. (Maybe that’s why God allowed me to suffer a concussion?)

I’m interested to hear what 3 BIG things you’ve learned in 2017. Comment below!