Why I Chose ‘Life Throws Lemons’…

Every so often, I get asked, “Where did you get the name ‘Life Throws Lemons’?” It doesn’t even phase me. In fact, I love the opportunity talk about my blog. (Who doesn’t like to talk about themselves?!) Anyhow, my answer is usually similar to the following:

I chose ‘Life Throws Lemons’ because I think life truly does throw lemons at just about everyone at least once. Some people get a bad hand & receive more than their fair share, others have Lady Luck on their side. The pain and velocity, often the size, and the strength of the sourness with each lemon’s impact varies, too. The phrase, ‘When life hands you lemons, make lemonade‘ just didn’t seem like enough for me. Plus, ‘lifehandsyoulemons.com’ was really, really expensive. I wanted more intensity and truth to the brand.

The truth about life and lemons is…

When life throws lemons, we have the opportunity to make a choice:

  1. We can allow the tart, bitter, and sour flavor to penetrate into our life.
  2. We can throw some sugar & make it sweet.

And then I usually follow-up with:

Personally, I prefer to throw some sugar and make it sweet. There are many daily situations each of us runs into that offer that choice. Some require more sugar than others, and that’s ok. Just be sure to try to make life sweet instead of letting it turn you sour.

So, if you ever forget Why I Chose ‘Life Throws Lemons’, that’s why. Because life really does throw lemons sometimes.

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