What in The World Are You Doing?!

Many of you may have noticed my website going up, then going back down for maintenance. Repeat. Repeat again. I’m sure What in the world are you doing?! is running around in your head.

No explanation required, but I feel it’s deserved.

I’m new at this & still learning. It’s amazing what things are learned when determination is present. Here are a few things you’ll probably experience on Life Throws Lemons while I’m learning and growing:

  • I’m probably not going to have the best quality photos, if any at all right now. These will come.
  • The products offered on my shopping page (seen here) will change with trends. I’ll be relying on your opinions!
  • I’ll often write about my favorite products on my blog, where I’ve seen them in the media, and how you can use the products in alternative ways. I love showcasing products & creative ways to spruce up spaces.
  • Some of the items I post in my store will be ‘Pre-Loved’. This is because I’m cleaning out my house as part of my journey. And let’s face it, everyone loves a great deal on gently used stuff. (Some of it is brand new or practically brand new!) 
  • My posts will vary in length, the dates will not be chronological order, and there will be holes. The lengths will become more consistent, the dates will eventually be chronological, and the holes will be filled. I’m working on a full blog with value and memories from my journey. This is as much a professional endeavor as it is a personal journey. I want you all to come along.
  • Guest posts, affiliate links, sponsored posts, and a few other promotional pieces will be seen occasionally. These posts are for everyone’s benefit, and I’ll try to keep the impact minimal. That’s my promise to you.
  • Some subjects will be deeply personal, a few will cut to the core, and yet others will be pretty revealing of my life.  Not all of it is pretty. Some things in life are downright ugly. It’s all 100% me. Since my blog idea started out with me sharing aspects of my life on a very real level, I plan on keeping that integrity. Apologies in advance.
  • My blog will have bible verses, inspirational posts, & motivational images present as well. It’s all part of who I am.
  • I want to hear from you! Interacting with people is one of my favorite things in life! Let’s celebrate each other in the good moments, comfort & lift each other up in the sad/bad, and help each other see the beauty in the ugly. it takes a village… 
  • Bullet points, numbers, italics, parentheses, and “lists” will be prevalent. That’s just how I roll. 
Now you know what in the world I’m doing…
Thank you for joining me on this journey. My goal is to positively impact those who follow along.